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Kick.AI is a revolutionary technology that helps you reach a new level in your training. At the core of the technology is a wearable sensor that you attach to your leg. The sensor sends data of your kicks to the mobile application. You can explore the different statistics right after your workout on your phone.
We all want to be the best we can. Whether it's winning at nationals or on Olympic level, or just doing that one perfect roundhouse kick that makes you feel like a champion. We at Kick.AI felt that something was missing when we trained outside of the Dojang. Sure, kicking the bag was fun but the lack of feedback felt frustrating and the sense of development was not there.

Meet your personal coach and sparring partner

Several different training games to start measuring your kicks

Visual and easy to read dashboard of your training sessions

Get data driven tips on how to develop and train based on your own trainings

Compete agains others and see where you rank in our community of kickers

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The sensor—or the heart of Kick.AI, if you will—is going to be available for pre-order in June 2017, with estimated shipping in December 2017. The app will be free for download when we start shipping. Join the waiting list to be amongst the first to get that little extra to your training. Awesome discounts obviously for those who join the mailing list. And no, we won't spam you.

Train smarter for better results

You will get better, faster, and stronger. That's our promise. Your reactions will become faster and you will feel more confident about your game. Your training routines will be determined by the data we gather from your training. Individual and smart. The AI in the name is not there just because it has a cool ring to it. It's there because our training algorithms are created together with top tech people from Finland and probably the best expert in TKD training on the planet, Juho Ranta. Juho is a 3rd DAN instructor, as well as the Finnish Olympic team physiotherapist. He brings the I in Kick.AI.

Meet the team

We are a team of experienced designers, marketers, and innovators on a mission to give you the competitive edge on your game.
Jan-Eric Wargelin
Juho Ranta
Sports Expert
Lauri Kainulainen
Senior Developer
Otso Lindfors
Product Design, Business
Juho Hautala
Senior Developer
Tommi Perälä
Projects, Business

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